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We are big data at the human scale.

Cities are one the richest and most diverse data sources on Earth. They contain and generate temporal data sets that cut across the bulk of humanities social, economic and physical dimensions - and have an estimated data output of over 4.1 terabytes per day per square kilometer of urbanised land.


We use state of the art artificial intelligence tools, data processing algorithms, big data aggregation methods and robust place driven frameworks to inform urban strategies, place planning, architecture, and interior projects.

Data backed insights

We believe that great place planning requires an intimate understanding of past and current trends in order to inform its future.


This requires the need to understand two primary data layers:


-The Understanding of Place


Go beyond basic geospatial and understand the dna of place. We enhance basemap data by combing cloud sourced amenity, activity and place offerings to paint a comprehensive picture of the physical environment.


- The Understanding of People


Knowing who your audience is, is critical to the development of any strategy or design project. We use state of the art audience intelligence tools and technologies to generate data driven audiences, personas, and insights to drive city making projects. This allows us to develop trend and theme data linked to place and measure change over time.

We know urban strategy.

Cities are complex. The thinking required to craft strategies and plans for the future must move beyond the typical approach to urban design.


We expand the typical discipline mix of Architecture, Landscape Architect, Engineering and Town Planning, by bring teams together that can deliver experience planning, place making, data analytics and urban informatics, public artists, community activists, marketeers, economists  and diverse discipline specific experts.


This is the realm of urban strategy, and its what we do best.


We assemble tier one teams from around the world to develop and deliver world class and global best practice projects and programs of work.

Our core services

  • Digital City Strategies


  • Place Performance Measurement and Indexing


  • Place Planning and Experience Planning


  • Big Data Systems and Urban Informatics


  • Spatial Planning and Forecasting


  • Capital Works Sequencing and Delivery Strategies


  • Geo-spatial Analytics and Visualisation


  • University Planning and Space Management





Mantra Studios  - Urban Strategy and Place Intelligence

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© Mantra Studios. All Rights Reserved.

 ABN: 82745795095